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learning spanish

for different reasons:

Over 500 million people speak Spanish...

only that would be a very good reason, don't you think?

Do you want to go on a vacation? 

Do you think Spanish is a "sexy" and romantic language?

You always wanted to really SPEAK Spanish? 

We work with the latest material on the market and all our material is focused on "speaking" the language and understanding it. 

learning spanish

based on Latin-American Spanish

500 million native Spanish speakers in the world. 

Around 50 million live in Spain. 

That means only 10% of all Spanish speakers are speaking Castellano.

We focus on what the majority speak:

90% speak the Latin-American Spanish

Seems fair, right?


learning spanish

vocabulary & grammar

Through our Online Platform you'll be able to practice your skills every day. 

We offer our own material online where you can practice everything you've learned in your class. 

Want to know more? Please write us through e-mail or whatsapp

learning spanish

for whom?

Basically EVERYONE

We offer online sessions for people from all over the world. 

We have students from the United States, Europe, South-America, Asia and other countries. 

The technology we use meet a very high standard and however Zoom or Google Meets are not perfect, we are trying to get as close as possible to perfection through good audio and video. 

Are you interested? Please contact us

Steak Tacos

learning spanish

must be expensive?

Not at all! 

We can offer very competitive rates because we're still a small teaching company, but with very motivated teachers. 

We do everything ourselves, so we don't have a fancy big building, but we invested in our classrooms. 

We don't have a secretary, but we approach our students ourselves. 

We don't have a director or GM... we're just teachers :o)

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